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What is Fragments of the Self? 

Do you feel plentiful in your life?

Not knowing yourself makes you try hard and have little results, i.e., you dedicate lots of your time to someone, to a project or any activity and are always dissatisfied with a sensation that something is lacking. What if I tell you this something is precisely yourself?  

That you only need to recognize your totality, encompassing those parts inside you that you were taught to deny and exclude. We aspire to live life with fluidity and spontaneity but are always insisting on hiding from ourselves frustrations and failures. Indeed, we were not taught how to deal with that we see as negative, leading us to throw under the rug, that we consider ugly in us and in others.

Such inner mechanisms keep us from being whole because as we deny a single part of ourselves we deny our totality; otherwise when we open ourselves up we become open to the totality.

Let´s learn how to make contact with what is suffocating and repressing and free ourselves. In Fragments of the Self, the protagonists are those aspects that block our fluidity and singular expression. 
They are not judged, in fact what is done is that we create a field and invite those aspects to be in the setting / scenario. Then, in your created "stage" under the light of Art, we identify, study and learn how to transform fear, shame and frustrating feelings. You get autonomy to transform your inner battlefield into an exquisite dance.

By means of a creative dialogue we come to an understanding and an elaboration of those excluded aspects that make you feel shame and guilt to be and express what you are; that which was limitation and blockage is perceived and reorganized giving room to something more real and true. 

 Clarity and discernment to make individual choices
 Self acceptance
 Recognizing your value
 Strengthening your individuality
 Emotional Maturity: learn to organize your emotions and redirect your choices and actions
 Inspiration and creativity
 Self-consent to exist(Spontaneity)
Self- accomplishment

 Learn to face, deal with and manage your feelings.
Make yourself aware of the patterns that prevents you from trusting yourself and life itself. 
 To grant you tools to increase your ability not to be blocked by the life challenges
 To increase autonomy and emotional maturity
To build up a self connection to strength your self relationship through the understanding of your vulnerabilities and the acknowledgement of your potentialities.
 Help to breach and BREAK THROUGH through limiting belief systems
 Exercise the understanding and the management of EMOTIONS
 Exercise the discernment when TAKING DECISIONS 
Reconcile with your PAIN
Learn how to LAUGH and be patient with ANGER and FEAR
 Implement the relationship with YOURSELF and others
 Focus on SELF - EXPRESSION by exercising your FREEDOM to BEING.

How does it happen?

Fragments of the Self is an experience that invites, brings to surface and can integrate, by the means of Art, creativity and self knowledge, the parts that inhabit us but remain unrecognized yet. Such parts, most of the time, act out of themselves as an autonomous complex of which we are not aware.

When we begin to map such parts, a path of reconstruction starts to reprogram our way to perceiving and dealing with life. Its methodology consists of a cluster of dynamics enabling us to create empathy with those inner parts, by digging deep in our own intimacy. It´s important to highlight here, that it is not a mental work.

Self knowledge and self awareness happens organically and that is therapeutic!

Because Art is an intimate expression operating here as a via, a means and a stage for the self. Our body is the stage where by using our creativity we can penetrate deeply. So, Frag is a journey to a light and creative sensitivity that will end up revealing the fragments living inside us which are asking for room to present themselves in order to be consented and integrated to the whole we are.


INTENSIVE (Presencial)

A six hour immersion. We begin identifying the FRAGMENT, finding the moment of it's first appereance; then we experience its desires, beliefs and expectations via the physical body.
We check where and how (inside us) it has being currently playing.
Finally with the grace and the power of Art we record an account of the experienced "Frag" and authorize it to express itself in freedom. Each step is worked in joy, lightness and profoundness.


Five class meetings lasting two hours each. During it we will be MAPPING and working with two opposing Fragments or opposite polarities, e.i, one that is BLOCKING  your BRIGHTNESS  and INNER FORCE and its opponent that recognizes your value, wants to expand and needs energy to express itself.
It´s the ideal format for those wanting to try the methodology in its full potentiality.

(Presencial e Online)

Three sessions, 80minutes each.
Only one personality´s  Frag will be identified and experienced through a DEEP DIVE to INTEGRATE and REPROGRAM habits and contradictions supported by the specific  "Frag". Ideal for those with a busy agenda or having issues on group work but need to work hers/his abilities on communication,so overcoming shame and increasing spontaneity.

Tell me about Bruna Magnes

Actress (graduated at CAL), psychologist (in graduation)ballerina, entrepreneur, creator and facilitator of Fragments to the Self methodology, Ayurvedic and Yoga therapist. Received training on Michael Chekhov´s theater technique at Michael Chekhov Brazil and the Completion Certificate at MICHA, New London, USA.
A woman who found herself out being a multitude and navigates life consenting her plurality. Amongst the "many" she is, we can highlight the actress, the entrepreneur and the self-growth facilitator as being the front line of what we name professional life. 

Many times we have this feeling of being inhabited by a variety of I´S; different personas acting on their own, according to the situation moment. Buna’s propound here, is to identify and get together these I´S on a dialogue, using this methodology that came to be in 2017 after some years of studies and researches that, since then, is presented as FRAGMENTOS DE MIM. 
The goal in this self-knowing process is to recognize the many aspects of one´s personality, creating an amplitude in consciousness regarding one´s own growth and world perception, so that we can identify all segments of our personality, in a creative way, having the chance to break down the barriers that separate us from ourselves, our spontaneity and the lightness of our essence.

Art, self-discovery and spirituality are the elixir of joy and transformation. I might everything when I have them integrated; I become even able to accept  what I supposedly could not. These are the ingredients that, added up to my experience and personality, express my unique way to work and exist, be it in the theater, cinema, dancing performances or as a facilitator of expansion and growth of people, be it at a business company or individuals. 
Bruna Magnes

Our bodies, psyches and senses have specific and particular qualities and characteristics of their own, which give shape and form to our attitudes and behaviors. When we give life, body and voice to our many parts and put the endless mind dialogue aside, we have the chance to know them deeper, with less judgement, so, having autonomy to transform or direct them into being more efficient.
Bruna Magnes



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